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When IT teams want to implement and manage SharePoint, they employ a SharePoint administrator. SharePoint administrators take on SharePoint maintenance, issues mitigation and user training.


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We Look After All Size Organisations


We help in installation and configuration of SharePoint and help different organisations to achieve new levels of reliability and performance, enable productive experiences across desktop and mobile. SharePoint adoption provides a scalable and flexible collaboration and communication platform. It increases the productivity of micro, small and medium businesses.


We help manipulate content structure, site structure, create/delete sites, add or remove apps, enable or disable product features, upload custom designs/themes, configure basic workflows, manage metadata, configure search options, upload customisations, setup integration. We take care of all the configuration setup depending on the size of organisation.

Patching and Upgrades

We evaluate all SharePoint updates in a test environment which resembles the production environment before installing them in production. We follow SharePoint patching best practices and we update your SharePoint environment as soon as possible after they are released – preferably after a couple of days. 


We ensure sound performance of SharePoint Solutions and empower users to perform their business tasks successfully. We aim at timely updating the system to gurantee its faultless performance and extend development capabilities. We monitor your SharePoint environment to detect performance and security gaps and timely fix them.

Securing SharePoint Sites and Sub-Sites

We make sure that the security and permissions are enacted properly in your SharePoint instance. We help in answering questions who should have administrative permissions on SharePoint Sites, who should have edit and read permissions, how the site will be secured and who has access.

Reviewing and Monitoring Usage Reports

We help how you can view information about how users inteact with your site such as number of people visited the site, how many times they have visited and a list of files that have received the most views. Reports are available in the form of graph. We help you understand from where graph is picking the data and how you can manipulate to meet your needs.

Training Employees On SharePoint Usage

We help companies boost their productivity. We train staff and users on how to get the most of SharePoint. We run orientations for new employees, One on One training sessions to address specific problems. We create organisation specific training documentation and we update employees and users on new features.

Troubleshooting and Support

Sometimes updates break the functionality of a system that you built and here comes in troubleshooting. If something stops working, we find a way to fix it as fast as possible. We hold SharePoint experience and analytical thinking skills as some solutions will be as simple as changing a setting whereas some requires you to change something from the backend. 

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